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Teeth Scaling & Polishing

Teeth Scaling & Polishing

Scaling, also known as teeth cleaning, is a vital dental procedure aimed at removing layers of plaque, tartar (calculus), and bacterial deposits from the tooth surfaces. This process plays a crucial role in controlling and preventing gum diseases.

Why Teeth Scaling & Polishing Is Essential:

  • Plaque and Tartar Removal: Dental cleanings involve the elimination of plaque, a soft, sticky layer of bacteria, food particles, and saliva, as well as hard tartar (calculus) deposits that accumulate on the teeth over time. Saliva, while beneficial, contains substances like calcium that can lead to calcium deposits on the teeth, much like limescale buildup in a kettle.
Teeth After and Before Whitening high quality images
  • Preventing Bacterial Growth: The accumulation of tartar on teeth can create an environment conducive to bacterial growth near the gums. Proper cleaning and polishing leave tooth surfaces clean and smooth, making it challenging for bacteria to adhere. This, in turn, enhances your ability to maintain clean teeth during your regular daily oral hygiene routine.
  • Stain Removal: Teeth scaling and polishing also effectively remove stains caused by food (e.g., coffee or tea) and tobacco use.
  • Preventing Gum Diseases: Removing tartar or calculus is essential for preventing gum diseases, which are a leading cause of gum recession, loose teeth, and ultimately, tooth loss.
  • Oral Disease Screening: This procedure allows for the detection of oral issues like decay and cavities, facilitating early intervention and treatment.

Teeth scaling and polishing contribute significantly to your overall oral health and the longevity of your teeth.