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Renew Orthopedic & Dental Clinic that offers a variety of orthopedic services. Access to professional orthopedic care is crucial, particularly when dealing with musculoskeletal system problems. Here are some typical orthopedic subspecialties that your clinic might provide.

Knee, Hip, Ankle, Foot Joint Replacement and Treatments in Noida

Welcome to a realm where orthopedic care reaches new heights. Our mission is to empower you with the freedom of pain-free movement, and in the heart of Noida, we've assembled a dedicated team of orthopedic specialists and cutting-edge resources to make this mission a reality.

Foot and Ankle Surgery images

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dealing with all sorts of musko-skeletal strains, ankle twists, sprains, fractures etc.

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Childhood Sports Injuries

In addition to joint surgery for adults, the team of doctors at the Gelenkpunkt medical practice…

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Total Hips Replacement

Dealing with all sorts of musko-skeletal strains, ankle twists, sprains, fractures etc.

shoulder replace and pain images

Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the human body with largest range of motion.

knee arthroscopy images


Arthroscopy (ahr-THROS-kuh-pee) is a procedure for diagnosing and treating joint problems.

Knee joint replacement Images

Total Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Is A Surgical Procedure In Which The Damaged Parts Of Your Knee Are Replaced…

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The specialty of orthopedics deals with the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the musculoskeletal system of the body.

Dr. Ankur Singh

Orthopedic Surgeon

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Dr. Suchi Singh


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Dr. Ankur Singh is a renowned Orthopaedic surgeon with experience of more then 15 years. After completing his post graduate training in India Dr. Ankur went for his specialised training at Austria and London to get trained under stalwarts of Arthroscopy surgeries Prof Christian Fink and Prof Kristian kley . Dr. Ankur did his fellowship training in India under Renowned Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Sachin Tapasvi. He is currently associated with Apollo group of Hospitals and is heading the department at Apollo hospitals Greater Noida. His vision is to do clean and ethical practice and provide World class Orthopedic services to his patients and as the clinic motto goes to add miles and smiles to their lives.

What People Say


His expertise and skill in the field of orthopaedics were evident throughout my entire experience, and his willingness to answer all of my questions and address any concerns that I had was greatly appreciated. I am so grateful to him as he treated his patients so calmly.

Prerna Gulati

Dr Ankur provides top-notch care all through the way. Love how he is totally dedicated to your wellbeing, committed to answer the smallest queries and address each of your concerns. Very satisfied and totally recommend his clinic.

Ruchin Raj

Dr Ankur is very capable doctor. But what is more impressive about him is, he tells you what is the best treatment for you, even if it is a cheaper option. I had gone to him with a worn out knee. People were saying that I should get my knee replaced. Dr. ankur looked at the x-ray and said, it is too early for knee replacement. Very few doctors would give such an honest opinion.

Alka Parikh

Dr.Ankur singh is very good doctor,we are very satisfy after first visit. His behavior is so nice and all staff are very caring. Our experience is so good with doctor sahab.

M N Surgical Surgical

It was a great experience with treatment and smile makeover…Dr.ANKUR & DR.SUCHI were very polite and professional..Happy with the result..if you are luking for the best treatment than one must visit this clinic

Rashmi Yadav

Doctor Ankur Singh is an excellent and a wonderful doctor. I was completely shattered and depressed with my sudden knee pain and arthritis. He handled my case with compassion which I needed at that point. He is so positive and humble in his approach. I have recovered very well with his help. I would highly recommend him. Blessings to him

Sherry Mehta

My entire family want to share my heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Ankur Singh. He has conducted total knee replacement surgery for my, Mrs Mradul Bajpai, both knees and ended my pains and sufferings. I am able to walk normally without any pain and even travel within one month from the date of surgery. Dr Ankur Singh has provide us complete support both before and post surgery and because of this I am confident that I will be able to walk normally.

Vn Bajpai

Visited Dr Ankur Singh for treatment of my wife’s ankle pain. He listens very patiently to all the queries. Very humble and gives adequate time to his patients. Thoroughly explains the reasons making the patient comfortable and we feel very secure. A great professional undoubtedly 👍 …

Venkatasubramanian C

Dr. Ankur is a fine and experience Ortho surgeon. His way of explaining treatment and listening patients problem is remarkable. Completely satisfied with the consultation.

Dr. Sanjay Joshi

Visited Dr Ankur Singh for treatment of my mother knees joint pain. He listens very patiently to all the queries. He is very humble and listen your concerns with very politely.

Punit Rai

He is a very good doctor, the patient felt a lot better as soon as we consulted the doctor. He never asked us to do unnecessary tests. He is worried about the patient by heart and calls time to time to ask if the condition of the patient is better.

Vivek Khantwal

I met an accident by bike in November 2022, and i got fractured my lower leg then I contacted Dr. ankur sir, after investigation it cleared that I have compound fracture in both lower leg bones and there were too much of internal bleeding, it was very complicated one, Dr. Ankur sir performed surgery and i just want to say that he is like a god for me.

Vinit Kumar Singh

I had the incredible fortune of being under the care of Dr. Ankur for ACL reconstruction surgery on both of my knees, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Dr. Ankur is not just an exceptional surgeon, but a true savior who has given me a new lease on life and allowed me to return to my favorite sport.

Manas Singh

I had consulted Dr. Ankur Singh after my mother fell down and broke her arm. Dr. Singh performed her surgery and took complete charge of her journey to recovery. His medical expertise coupled with his warm behaviour and comforting words of assurance were a great support in healing my mother. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good orthopaedist/orthopaedic surgeon.

Manosi Chaudhuri

I have been knowing Dr. Ankur since last couple of years. He is one of the best orthopaedic doctors in the country. Back in early 2020 , I was under terrible pain in my back (later on diagnosed as slip disc) , in fact not able to get up from bed. Dr. Ankur treated me during that time. He came as an angel. Since then for every small problems of mine, family and my colleagues related to ortho, he has been the single point of contact . Not only his diagnosis is very accurate , equally he is a wonderful human-being and a noble soul.

Itilekha Dash

I recently visited Renew Orthopaedic centre for treatment of my mother’s knee pain. Dr Ankur is a very knowledgeable and skilled orthopaedician. My mother has got so much relief from knee pain under his treatment. Very humble and nice doctor Dr Ankur is. I recommend Renew Orthopaedic centre for any orthopaedic problem.

Amit Kumar

He is a phenomenal doctor. Listens attentively & with curiosity, answers & attends to any and every question or concern very patiently & comprehensively, has extensive expertise and explains everything elaborately. Seems to genuinely care and is not money oriented. Also, the clinic staff was polite and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Bhavya Singh

I underwent a screw fixation for scaphoid fracture in wrist. Dr. Ankur did a fantastic job and I am recovering well. He is very patient and calm with all the queries, and takes time to explain the procedure well. Highly recommended for any orthopaedic or Arthroscopic surgery or consultation.

Abhishek Das

I recently visited the Renew Orthopedic and Dental Clinic , and I was very impressed with the care I received. The clinic is clean and well-organized, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I was initially referred to the clinic by my primary care physician for a knee injury. I was seen by Dr. Ankur Singh, who was very knowledgeable and compassionate. He took the time to listen to my concerns and explain my treatment options in detail. I felt confident that I was in good hands.

Saurabh Singh

Doctor Ankur is very experienced and good Arthroscopic surgeon, my knee ligament Arthroscopic surgery was done by Dr Ankur and day by day I am recovering now. God forbid this happens, but if you required Joint replacement, Arthroscopic surgeon or any bone related issue I will suggest 📞 contact DR Ankur Singh. You can search 🔍 on Google.

Shubham Sharma

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Ankur Singh is a specialist in Orthopedics. He has more than 10 years of experience.

A specialist doctor is trained to treat complex health conditions in their particular field. If you are diagnosed with a condition, it is best to consult a doctor who specializes in dealing with that particular condition.

Dr. Ankur Singh provides different modes of consultation for you to choose from as per your convenience. You can choose to book a clinic appointment in Noida or you can also consult the doctor online via video or telephonic call. Please click here to book an appointment.

Yes, our staff and clinic follows all safety protocols and we take appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment for our patients, including social distancing and hand sanitizing stations.

If you have any more queries that aren’t listed, you can email us or call us.

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Orthopedics is a medical speciality which deals with the musculoskeletal system of the body that is the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Issues with the bones and muscles could be from birth or sometimes due to a trauma or accident or can also be acquired or age related degeneration of the tissues.

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